Natalie Webster Chief Creator Webster Effect

Who is Natalie Webster?

Natalie is a Minnesota transplant by way of Hawaii, where she was born and raised. Much of what she does in life is driven by the Hawaiian concept of Living Aloha. For Natalie, Living Aloha means to be in, appreciate and enjoy the present moment, while working to spread joy and understanding through acts of kindness. 

It is this concept and her love of community that drives Natalie to work with and for her clients, to provide them with access to tens of thousands of potential customers, through her growing network both on and off of social media. 

Natalie will be the first to tell you that she got involved in social media to stalk her at the time teenage daughters when social media first came on the scene.  It was a way to know what her children and their friends were up to.

Because Natalie is a story teller at heart, with a passion to help others succeed, over time she used social media as a tool to share her experiences with local restaurants, services and products all throughout the Lake Minnetonka area. That was the start of what is now Webster Effect; A company dedicated to organically amplifying the message of local businesses in a hyper-localized way, putting success within reach.

As an award winning columnist, Natalie has spent over a decade writing about things to do, see or try in and around the Lake Minnetonka community as well as the Western Suburbs of the Twin Cities. Today Natalie writes for multiple local publications and magazines, continuing to share her  experiences in and around the Lake Minnetonka community. Her audience of readers continues to grow each day.

For a time Natalie was a co-host on Pop Life with Twila and Natalie on myTalk 107.1 with Twila Dang, the founder of Matriarch Digital Media. Twila and Natalie discovered their best conversations happened during commercial breaks. This led to their popular podcast "Twila and Natalie" where the ladies chat about the joys and pitfalls of being a grown woman. Twila and Natalie can be found on Apple Podcast or anywhere you stream your favorite podcasts.

Natalie has taken her passion and talent for sharing the stories of others and turned it into a dynamic business venture. She has spent over a decade building an online network of followers and listeners, allowing her to share a message with audiences in the Lake Minnetonka community as well as the Western suburbs. 

Though Natalie's primary focus is Lake Minnetonka and the Western Suburbs of the Twin Cities, Natalie has traveled the world promoting the products and services of her clients. From Istanbul and Greece to Hawaii and all around Minnesota, Natalie engages with people, sharing not just her own message of "Living aloha" but the message of the clients she works with.