An Epic Road Trip to Wander, Explore and Raise Money for the Twin Cities Lyme Foundation

Natalie and Tony


Natalie Webster and Tony Novachis. Your driver and navigator. RV Rental


Adventures in Lyme and Wellness. A road trip of epic proportions in partnership with RVThereYet, to raise money for the Twin Cities Lyme Foundation.

Odin and Koa


Odin is our Giant Schnauzer and Koa is our Yorkie-Poo. Both will join us on the road. #Lymetravel #Livealoha

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One couple, two dogs, an RV, destination unknown....

An Epic Road Trip to Wander, Explore & Help the TC Lyme Foundation

Life is a busy endeavor, we schedule and plan ourselves into a box. The creativity found in the simple act of wandering, exploring and not knowing what is around the next turn, is often beyond our grasp. 

We are so often destination driven, that we lose track of the beauty of the journey. We fail to stop and smell the flowers as the saying goes. Our goal with this road trip is to strip away our need to "get there" and focus on the journey. A fitting analogy for what anyone with any type challenge, physical or otherwise experiences. Sometimes you just need to find the joy along the way.

My name is Natalie Webster. I'm the Chief Creator of Webster Effect, and a Lake Minnetonka columnist. I'm also a Lyme survivor. Lyme disease brought me to my knees in the fall of 2018. I lost my ability to walk, taste and I had Bell's Palsy. 

Through proper treatment and the help of friends and family, I improved and I continue to improve. My wellness journey is long from over. Through my experience I became aware of the lives ruined and lost because of misdiagnosis and a lack of adequate treatment for Lyme disease. 

My partner in life, laughter and love Tony Novachis and I, decided we needed to do more to help other families and individuals going through what we are. 

We are kicking off our Epic Road Trip Adventure? A one week road trip, destination unknown, to raise money for the Twin Cities Lyme Foundation. TC Lyme Fnd is dedicated to creating awareness and aid in the early detection of a Lyme literate diagnosis of Lyme disease.

We will leave Excelsior, Minnesota at 9am on July 8th 2019 in an RV from our friends at RV Rental, returning on July 15th. We will be sharing our adventure in real time on social media. Be sure to connect and interact with us there. 

We want to hear your tips for a successful road trip, we want to hear about your own challenges and how you stay on the road to overcoming them. 

Be sure check in with us on social media, as well , links are posted above. You will want to visit my blog Adventures In Living Aloha, where we will share blog post updates. We will be sharing not just the journey once we start, but all of the excitement and planning that happens before. I'm not allowed to obsess about the destination, so I'm obsessing about what to pack.

Jason Sprayberry the owner of, will get us up to speed on how to manage the RV and tips for a successful road trip, all of which we will be sharing. 

As with Lyme or any other chronic illness, we don't know what turns in the road are ahead, but we are in it for the adventure, and we hope you join us! 

With Aloha,



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